Travel tips


If you are coming to Scotland for the first time, beware of the weather. This is the first important thing, to be prepared for unexpected weather changes. It doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful and sunny in the morning, it can change very fast, and suddenly you may be soaking in the rain and the sky will change dramatically from bright blue into gloomy gray. Be well prepared, always an umbrella in your bag or a rain resistant jacket with a hood. Also, do not trust the weather man on TV, he is mostly wrong about the weather, just hope for the best but if it’s not good at all, be prepared to walk in the rain.


Scottish food is quite nice, traditional and good. If you like traditional meals, and you are on the budget you can get, ready microwave meals in big grocery stores like Morrisons or Tesco, Aldi etc, it’s not very healthy, but it can be acceptable for short time.

If you can afford expensive restaurants, you can get traditional British food in most local pubs and small or big restaurants, or Chinese food at Chinese restaurants or cheaper option, at Chinese take away shops, which are at every corner of the street. There are also less popular Indian, Italian or Turkish (Kebabs) places selling fresh food. The most popular restaurants are Chinese take aways or fish and chips take away shops. Scottish people are not very eager to cook at home, so most of them prefer getting the easy, ready and fast food from the shop next door.


If you can speak English well, you can call the company linked above and get information on any travel you need to make. They will tell you how to get to the place you need to go,  times of trains and buses etc, they operate 24/7 as far as I know.

Traveling around Scotland is quite easy and pleasant, the train transport is excellent, tickets can be quite expensive but it depends where you go and when you buy them. If you buy your tickets long time before your travel, in advance, you can get quite a big discount, especially on the train or Megabus. Travelling buy buses is cheaper, but longer of course, and not that comfortable, but I personally travel by bus as well with no problem, and I am talking about long distance traveling like 8 hours on the bus. Some people hate it but I have no problem with that.

If you want to travel from Scotland to England or Wales, you can take Megabus or NationalExpress which both will cost you about £ 20. Megabus can be much cheaper if  booked long in advance.

More information will be added soon. If you need any specific advice, do not hesitate to contact me.



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