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I remember very well my first visit. It was many years ago. I stayed with my Scottish friend for 3 weeks in Galashiels. After many hours of traveling by coach I arrived to London. From London I was on another coach for about 9 hours traveling to Edinburgh and it was an extremely long travel. In Edinburgh I had to change my bus again and it was dark, it was evening, my eyes were closing and I was falling asleep but at one point I opened my eyes and was astonished. Through the windows of the bus I saw tiny, stone cottages along the road. And I thought I was dreaming. It was like being in a fairy tale, I was absolutely delighted with that view, and I loved it!

Next, very remarkable and absolutely beautiful view was the Scottish hills in the sunset. I was travelling back, and I was on the coach again in the afternoon, it was summer time, August. We were on the coach when the sun was going down, the view was breathtaking. And It stays with me up till now.

The third wonderful memory is Edinburgh at night. Again, I saw that wonderful city from the bus, travelling at night and seeing all those historical places covered with light. That view was so beautiful again. I think that no other city have ever impressed me as much as Edinburgh at night.

That 3 weeks stay in Scotland made me fall in love with this wonderful, small country, and deep inside I had a dream to come back here again. I had no idea that it was going to happen many years later.

My dear Scottish friend, an older lady took me to many places and all of them were wonderful, but I remember also that to understand Scottish language was almost impossible. I knew English but I had no idea that Scottish pronunciation and many words were very different from English. Fortunately, my Scottish lady spoke with clear English accent, so I could understand her easily.

When you come to Scotland, there will be so many places to see, it’s hard to choose. Of course everybody wants to see the most famous ones like Edinburgh or Glasgow or Stirling. However, there is many more wonderful towns, cities, villages and the best way to see all those places as well as landscape, is to travel by car, to hire one or travel by motorbike, but of course traveling by train is also good because trains in Scotland are very well organised, and you can get to most places by trains and buses. Remember, if you get a chance, it is very important to be able to travel through small villages, going not only to the big and famous places by highway, but to see the beautiful, heaven like landscape when you travel tiny rural roads with Scottish cows, horses and sheep watching you.

Scottish landscape

Scottish landscape

All images copyright © Malgorzata Larys. Not to be reproduced in whole or part without prior written permission. All rights reserved.

 Photographs of Scottish landscape 

On this blog I will try to show you where to go, what to see and how to get there. I will also tell you about food and many other things. Just stay with me, as I will need some time to write. Hope, you will like my stories and photographs.

I will use some formal information from Wikipedia, and will add to it my personal knowledge, images and experience.  Follow this blog and leave comments, if you like what you see and I hope you do. You can also ask questions if you want to know something specific, I will be happy to help.

Scotland is not a big country and it is very easy to travel so you can see lots of beautiful places in the space of very short time. The most famous places to see are the big ones like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee but there are also smaller ones worth visiting like Stirling, Falkirk, Dunbar, Aberdour, St Andrews, Balloch, Queensferry, Luss, Glencoe, Bo’ness, Culross, Helensburgh, St Abbs, Eyemouth, Loch Katrine tbc.

All places mentioned here, will be described on this blog and I will try to show you how they look like. I have also many videos from my trips which I will upload soon.

If you want to see more images of specific places just click on the link images of Scotland and you will be taken to my photography website. If you are interested in licensing images you can do so and download purchased photos immediately or contact me, if you want to ask questions or discuss specific commission. I am available to travel around Scotland most of the time. It is also possible to buy prints, postcards and many other souvenirs with the chosen images that you are interested in. Contact me about any inquires that you may have. I should be able to answer during one day.

I hope to see you soon again on this blog. Have a great day!


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