my profileThank you very much for visiting this blog and taking the time to read. My name is Margaret and I have been living in Scotland for quite a long time. I travel extensively with my camera taking photographs wherever I go, so I managed to gather quite a huge collection of beautiful photographs of Scotland. Recently, I have decided to share my knowledge about this beautiful country with you, my visitor. I also would like to show you the beauty of Scotland in photographs. I started this blog just a few days ago so, it’s still very much in the process of creating. This is just the beginning, so be patient please, as it will take some time to write some interesting articles. I will be using Wikipedia for some formal knowledge, and also sharing my own experience. In the meantime, if you have come across this brand new blog, please add it to your favorites and come back soon. You could also follow me on twitter and like my page on fb.

If you want to read about specific places, use the search button at the top of the page on the right. When you click on the image, you will be taken to my photography website, and you will be able to see many more photographs and admire the beauty of Scotland.

Hope you enjoy your visit. If you do, please come back often.

Have a great day!





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